Ammoudi Beach


Literally speaking, Ammoudi is a small harbor for fishing boats and not a beach. Nevertheless, the waters are just gorgeous and this is the reason why Ammoudi has been considered as a beach as a lot of people visit it for a swim. In addition, one other reason so many people visit it, are its magnificent views, especially during the sunset. The small pebbly beach is accessible yet rigorous as visitors have to descend more than 200 wide steps in order to reach it. Keep in mind that the waters get deeper quite fast, which for some is exciting, but scary and deterrent for others. The background is impressive with the steep volcanic rocks covering the small harbor. Undoubtedly, it is a unique scenery that can be found somewhere else rarely.


There are some buildings that give a distinctive touch to the picturesque settlement. They used to be warehouses, as the boats loaded the various products. Some of these buildings were rebuilt as part of reconstruction after the earthquake in 1956. Thanks to the variety of volumes, they are still a particularly interesting architectural ensemble. For scuba diving lovers and water sports enthusiasts in general, there is a fully equipped diving center at Ammoudi that offers a wide selection of activities. Moreover, people can also board small boats in order to reach Thirasia and Nea Kammeni.

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