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The archaeological site of Ancient Thera is located on the top of the mountain Mesa Vouno. It owes its name to the mythical ruler of the island known as Theras, while it was inhabited from the 9th century BC until 726 AD. 

The history of this ancient city is very rich and the earliest artefacts are dated back to the Geometric period. It is very impressive, that some ceramics managed to survive in good condition, thanks to the burial customs of that period. Apart from the pottery pieces, have been also found several sculptures. 

Regarding the geography of Ancient Thera, you should know that visiting the town you will have the opportunity to come across with an imposing city.  It consists of a wide street almost 800 m long, containing several impressive buildings such as a Roman Forum, an ancient theatre overlooking the blue Aegean Sea, a gymnasium, public squares as well as Roman baths. In the past, the city also had a harbour which location is difficult to be defined,  as well as two seaports, named Oia and Elefsina, located at Kamari and Perissa respectively. 


Ancient Thera Excavations - Kamari Tours Excursions

The Ancient Thera is open daily except for Tuesdays, from 08:30 a.m. until 14:30 p.m. and there is a small fee to enter the archaeological site. 

You can discover the archaeological site of Ancient Thera on your own, by taking the path, if your level of fitness allows you, or you can book a private transfer. 

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