Santorini is often described as a paradise on earth from those who were lucky enough to visit it! You see, Santorini offers its visitors a great variety of activities and of course plenty of attractions that guarantee to offer one of a kind experiences to those who visit them! If you visit Santorini one of the most vital things to know is that it is a place with great history that has shaped the island’s culture as we know it today! This blog post is dedicated to offer you a detailed review of the best historical attractions of Santorini that will absolutely leave you in awe! 

Ancient Akrotiri 

The settlement of Akrotiri is located on the south part of the island! There lies one of the most impressive archaeological excavations in Europe and also a great milestone in Santorini’s history! Do you want to know more about the Ancient Akrotiri Settlement? Let’s do some digging together!

Akrotiri Excavation

The numerous excavations that have taken place on the ancient settlement of Akrotiri have brought to light some very important findings about how life was during the Neolithic era in the Mediterranean basin! The Akrotiri settlement was inhabited for the first time around 4.500 BC. Since then, the settlement started to grow gradually from a small village whose residents were primarily occupied with fishing and agriculture to one of the most important trade centers of the Minoan civilization!

Indicative findings of the growth of Akrotiri settlement are the many potteries that were found there! Those are proof of the excessive trade that existed between Akrotiri, Cyprus, Egypt and Minoan Crete! The trading business was the main cause of the flourishing life in Akrotiri that stopped abruptly due to the volcanic eruption that took place in 1500 BC! 

How to get to Akrotiri Excavation

The Akrotiri excavation sight is one one of the most important and easily accessible historical attractions of Santorini! You can get there by car on your own or take part in the amazing archaeological bus tour that we offer!

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Ancient Thera 

Ancient Thera is located between the settlements of Perissa and Kamari on the strategic mountainous location of Mesa Vouno! Although ancient Thera was at first occupied by Dorians at  900 BC! Most of the findings that today’s visitors can admire come from the Hellenistic era, when it served as a Ptolemaic colony! Ancient Thera was a settlement that met both difficult and glorious times across the centuries, but it was always full of life! That is why visiting Ancient Thera, you can admire various monuments that spread from the Archaic era to Byzantine times!

How to get to Ancient Thera 

Ancient Thera settles between two of the most popular Santorini destinations, Perissa and Kamari. One of the most comfortable and hassle-free ways to visit it is by renting a car! In this way, you will have total freedom choosing the time and the duration of your excursion there!

Santorini Historical Attractions-Ancient Thera-Kamari Excursions

Pyrgos Castle

Another really important era of Santorini’s history belongs to the Medieval times! Evidence of that is the Medieval imposing castle of Pyrgos. Pyrgos is a picturesque settlement with a panoramic view! The main historical attraction of Pyrgos is its castle, which served as a fortress due to its elevated location. Although the castle of Pyrgos suffered serious damages in the earthquake that took place in 1956 on Santorini, today is well preserved and tourists of the island can visit it, in order to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the island!

Near the castle walls, there are two churches built in the 10th century. There is also a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary inside the walls of the castle, dating back to the 17th century.

How to get to Pyrgos Castle 

The easiest and most comfortable way to visit Pyrgos castle is by car! As it is located in one of the most mountainous areas of the island.

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Santorini Historical Attractions-Pyrgos castle-Kamari Excursions

If you are a fan of history, it is absolutely sure that you will fall in love with the many historical attractions in Santorini! Book now a tour with Kamari Tours Excursion and discover every beauty of this majestic island!