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Oia is a wonderful coastal town and the most popular destination in Santorini. Its stunning sunset, the white-washed houses, the Cycladic architecture, the Blue Domes and the picturesque spots are some of the reasons that make Oia a worth visiting place! 

Every year, thousands of people visit Oia Santorini in order to admire the famous sunset and to discover in person all these dreamy places that look like they have come out of a fairy tale.

Oia is also known for the glamorous restaurants, where you will have the opportunity to taste some local dishes, fresh fish as well as exceptional Santorini wine. Some of them also offer spectacular vistas of the sunset and the island. 

You must have heard that Santorini is the precious gem of the Aegean! Well, Oia is definitely a reason for that statement, since the things to do and the sites to visit are so remarkable. Without a doubt, in Oia, you will create memories that will last forever! 

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Best spots to watch the sunset in Oia

Old Byzantine Castle 

If you would like to see the most stunning sunset on Santorini, then you have to visit the Castle of Agios Nikolaos. It is said to be an ideal spot in order to admire the famous sunset! In addition, it offers great panoramic views of the Caldera and the blue Aegean Sea. 

Blue Domes 

Another one highly recommended spot to watch the sunset is the Blue Domes of Oia. It could be an alternative location since the Castle is usually overcrowded making it difficult for visitors to watch the sunset without effort. 

Tips for sunset visit in Oia Santorini

  • Come at least 2 hours early as it gets crowded 
  • Bring some beverages and snacks with you and have a light meal while you wait
  • If the Castle is overcrowded switch to the Blue Domes spot 

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Famous churches in Oia

Church of Panagia Platsani 

The Church of Panagia Platsani is a traditional Orthodox church. It was first built inside the walls of the Castle but later moved to its current location due to the severe earthquake of 1956. It is an impressive building as it follows the white-washed Cycladic aesthetic, while it features a blue-dome. Do not miss the icon of the Virgin as it is said to have been found in the sea. Notice that, apart from the summer period, you can visit Oia at the Greek Easter, when all around town along with the churches are placed lanterns and the whole atmosphere is festive with lots of celebrations. 

St. George Church

Saint George Church, also known as Perivolas, is another one sacred place that you can visit in Oia, with beautiful and distinct architecture. On top of that, the church housed the holy icon of Saint George that brought from Constantinople by Nomikos family. 

The Blue Domes  (Anastasi Church)

Blue Domes in Oia Santorini apart from its privileged location from where you can watch the imposing sunset, it is also an iconic building with blue domes that you see on so many postcards. Its blue domes and the white-washed style along with the unique landscape constitute the perfect background for photo-shooting!

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Points of interest

Castle of Agios Nikolaos 

Actually, what you will see is the remainings of this castle where thousands of people come every year in order to watch the renowned sunset. Agios Nikolaos is a popular spot of Santorini where you can captivate the best shots of the island, as it provides a spectacular view to the caldera, the volcanic island and the Aegean Sea. As regards the history of the castle, is dated back to 1400 when Cycladic islands, where under the rule of the Franks. 

The Windmills 

In the village of Oia, you will find the most picturesque windmills. Nowadays, the windmills are not necessary as they do not operate, though they are used as an attraction offering great views.

Maritime Museum 

Today, the Maritime Museum hosts the Maritime History of Thira. When visiting, you will have the opportunity to admire rare figureheads, Seamens’ Chests, old maritime equipment, models of old and new Thiran ships, a library and rare photographs. 

Other activities 

Hike from Oia to Fira

Hiking from Oia to Fira is one of Santorini’s top activities. Walk along the edge of the Caldera, discover the towns of Oia and Fira as well as admire the most beautiful views of the island. It is absolutely a lifetime experience! If you decide to go the whole distance, you will have to walk around 10 km. 

Domain Sigalas 

Domain Sigalas is one of the most prominent wineries on the island with many awards and distinctions. If you are a wine connoisseur not miss the chance to visit the winery enjoying a wine tour and taste exceptional Santorini wines having as background the breathtaking sunset of Santorini. 

Swimming spots of Oia

Ammoudi Beach

Swimming at Ammoudi Beach is not so typical that it looks! Ammoudi is a picturesque location that lies at the bottom of Oia. In fact, Ammoudi is a small port, with no sunbeds, sand and umbrellas. Nevertheless, you can have a unique swimming experience by diving off the dock. While you are swimming you can gaze at the caldera and the scenic settlement of Oia. This tiny cove is ideal for romantic walks along the beachfront,  where you will also have the chance to taste delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes at the taverns of the area. 

Armeni Beach 

Few meters away from Amoudi you will find another interesting cove called Armeni. Actually, Armeni is the old harbour of Oia and today is primarily used by yacht owners as a safe place in order to anchor their boats. Armeni is definitely a place where you will find peacefulness and relaxation enjoying tasteful local dishes at traditional taverns. You can also swim at the azure waters of Armeni Beach under the settlement of Oia, overlooking the thrilling scenery of the caldera and the island of Therasia. Just note, the Armeni Beach is accessible by sea or by a donkey ride. 

Baxedes Beach

On the northeast coast of Santorini you will find the beautiful beach of Baxedes. The serene environment, the volcanic black sand and the crystal clear shallow waters make Baxedes beach an ideal destination for families with children. Close to the beach, you will find restaurants and taverns as well as sunbeds and umbrellas to hire. 

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