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Prophet Elias or Profitis Ilias is among the oldest monasteries in Santorini and most important Orthodox landmarks. Santorini is an island full of religious monuments, including churches, chapels and monasteries. Important to be mentioned is that most of them stand out for their distinctive aesthetic and unique Cycladic architecture. 

Prophet Elias is an impressive landmark and a spectacular spot, offering the most incredible panoramic vistas of the whole island. Built on the summit of Mount Prophitis Ilias, approximately 567 meters above the sea level, makes it the highest point of the whole island of Santorini!

The monastery lies on the southeastern side of the island and it is located only 3 kilometres away from the village of Pyrgos. Built in 1711, the monastery was constructed as a fortress, while it played a crucial role in the cultural and educational life of the community. In fact, from 1806 to 1845, it operated also a school, where the main subjects were Greek language and literature. In addition, the influence of the monastery in many aspects was enormous. So to speak, it was not only played an important role in the society but it alsο played an important role in the field of business, as it managed to develop a successful trade business in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, in 1956 the monastery suffered severe damage due to the intense earthquake that hit Santorini during this year. 

Prophet Elias Monastery - Monastery View - Kamari Tours Excursions

Today, the premises of the monastery include a museum which hosts a collection of rare books and ecclesiastical objects, Byzantine icons and sculptures and other work of arts. Moreover, the monks that still live there, are involved with wine-making and with the cultivation of other products. So if you are interested in tasting some local goods, you should know that all of them are for sale. 

Apart from the museum and the production of the local goods, Prophet Elias includes also a beautiful bell tower while it is surrounded by 4 other churches and chapels and more specifically those of, Agios Konstantinos and Eleni, Agia Triada, Agios Ioannis and Hypapante. Agia Triada, actually, hosts the Folklore and Ecclesiastical Museum and the Icon and Relics Collection of Pyrgos. 

Not miss to visit the monastery and give yourself the opportunity to admire the unique beauty of Santorini and the impressive mountainous landscapes!

How to reach Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias Monastery is located 5 km from Pyrgos village. 

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Important Information 

  • 10 km from the airport 
  • 9 km from port Athinios
  • 10 km from Fira
  • 6 km from Perissa beach

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