The majority of people know Santorini for particular things, such as its seductive volcanic landscape, the contrast of its magnificent white houses with the blue of the Aegean Sea, the stunning Oia sunset and the beautiful Fira.

Howbeit, there is a village that is undoubtedly worthy of being included in the must-see things of Santorini. Pyrgos is about 10 km away from Fira and is the old (until 1800) capital of the island. It is located in the mainland and more specifically in the highest point of Santorini, Prophet Elias. Right in the center of Pyrgos village is the medieval castle with houses built amphitheatrically around it. It combines the characteristics of the Venetian era with scattered churches, mansions and poor country houses. The entire village has been preserved as a monument. The monastery of Prophet Elias is one of the oldest churches in Santorini and its reconstruction dates back to the 10th century.


Pyrgos is also considered as a “sweet challenge” for visitors as they have the opportunity to do several interesting things, such as climbing the castle, strolling the distinctive white and blue alleys and, of course, enjoying the famous Santorini sunset. In addition, there are even more activities to do in Pyrgos. For instance, you can visit Santo Wines, one of the best wineries in the island so you can try its famous wines, see the aging wine cellars and learn everything about the vineyard.

Moreover, you can visit the folklore museum of Pyrgos. There, you can see several items and photographs that reflect the traditional way of living in the island really back in the day. Definitely, it is a great way to see how Santorini was in the old times. Finally, it is advisable to climb the mountain above the village. Your reward will be the breathtaking view from the top next to a small traditional chapel.

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