Santorini is the precious gem of the Aegean and this hides no exaggeration at all!  The unique rough landscape with the steep cliffs, the famous caldera, the volcanic black sand beaches, the romantic sunsets and the impressive Cycladic architecture of the buildings and the villages can confirm that. What also really stands out for the distinct architecture are the religious monuments of the island. Chapels, churches and monasteries featured with the Cycladic characteristics are scattered throughout the villages. 

In fact, Santorini includes more than 600 temples both Orthodox and Catholic, basilica and cross types, outstanding for their unique aesthetic with blue domes and white-washed buildings. Undoubtedly, they worth a visit!

The following guide with the most famous blue-domes churches and monasteries in Santorini will definitely help you:

Profitis Ilias Monastery 

The monastery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias), is one of the oldest monasteries on the island. Founded in the 18th century and built on the summit of Mount Prophitis Ilias, the monastery offers a magnificent panoramic view on the whole island. During the 1860s, it suffered serious damage due to the earthquake of 1956, but it still remains a brilliant building with an amazing steeple. 

In reality, Profitis Ilias is a complex of four churches and chapels, Agios Konstantinos and Eleni, Agia Triada, Agios Ioannis and Hypapante. What is of great importance, is the religious art of the monastery. So to speak, Agia Triada hosts the Folklore and Ecclesiastical museums, where you can admire religious books and documents as well as several sculptures and other artworks.

Agios Nikolaos Monastery

Agios Nikolaos is a female monastery, located between the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. It was first founded in 1651, but at 1815 the monastery moved to its present location, where the chapel of Zoodohos Pighi was located. Today, at Agios Nikolaos you will find a Folklore Museum and a museum with rare Byzantine ecclesiastical icons. 

Explore the Famous Blue-Domed Churches in Santorini - Agios Nikolaos Monastery - Kamari Tours Excursions

Panagia Episkopi Church

Panagia Episkopi also is known as Church of Episkopi Thiras, is located in the village of Mesa Gonia. The church is considered to be the best example of traditional sacred architecture of the island.

Impressive is the fact that Panagia Episkopi has survived the invasions of Venetians, Francs, Russians and Turks as well as fires and the vast earthquake of 1956, considering that it was built in the 11th century. Apart from its magnificent ecclesiastical architecture, the church is also known for its great Byzantine paintings and hagiography. 

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral 

Sitting prominently on the caldera edge in Fira, Orthodox Cathedral offers an impressive view to the caldera and the volcano of Santorini. The church was built in 1827, but in 1956 the building was damaged due to the severe earthquake.

Explore the Famous Blue-Domed Churches in Santorini - Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral - Kamari Tours Excursions

A short while later it was fully renovated and now it is famous for its mosaics and the stunning bell tower. Inside the church, you can admire some really amazing frescoes made by a local artist named Christoforos Asimis.

Catholic Cathedral 

The Catholic Cathedral of Santorini is located at the centre of Fira and it is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. In fact, is the main Catholic church on Santorini Island. It was founded in 1823 but in 1956 it was greatly damaged by the earthquake and finally was restored back in 1975.

Once you get there, you will be amazed by the peach exterior and the clock tower, while the interior decorating with the lilac-blue dome and the orange-cream colours are also of great aesthetical design and will definitely dazzle you! 

Agios Nikolaos Marmaritis Chapel 

Just before the entrance of  Emporio village, you will come across with an ancient small church named Agios Nikolaos Marmaritis. It is called “Marmarites”, as “marmarites” means marble in Greek, just because it is made of marble slabs which have been moved by earthquakes. Moreover, Agios Nikolaos is an Orthodox chapel and one of the best-preserved ancient temples in Santorini.

Explore the Famous Blue-Domed Churches in Santorini - Catholic Cathedral - Kamari Tours Excursions

Panagia Sergena Church

Panagia Sergena also it is called “Panagia tis Trypas” (of the Hole), is located in Vothonas. What is of great importance is that the church is carved into a volcanic rock, making it a unique attraction for all the visitors.

In fact, Panagia Sergena used to be a shelter for the locals, especially during pirate invasions. You can reach the chapel on foot from Vothonas settlement. Not miss a chance to pay a visit to this impressive landmark as it will be a memorable experience for you and your beloved.

Agios Charalampos Church 

Last but not least, is the temple of Agios Charalampos. It is a notable church, located in Exo Gonia village close to Pyrgos. Agios Charalampos is one of the three largest chapels of Santorini and its advantageous position offers a fantastic view of Thira village. What makes Agios Charalampos different from the other churches, is its tiled roof, the size and its lovely position.

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