Santorini Island is the ideal romantic destination, especially for newlywed couples. The stunning sunsets, the Caldera, the volcanic black sand beaches along with the majestic scenery, comprise the perfect background for the best summer holidays in Greece. Santorini though is a great place for fun as well since it combines flawlessly the tranquillity of the natural landscape with the vivid nightlife. If you are staying at Fira, Oia, or Kamari, the following guide with the best clubs and bars in Santorini will definitely help you!

Fira Clubs & Bars

Beautiful Fira is the capital of Santorini. Built on the edge of the Caldera, overlooking the blue Aegean Sea, Fira offers some of the best views of the Island. Here also, you will find most of the island’s clubs and bars, including idyllic bars on the caldera, clubs with a spectacular view and romantic atmosphere as well as alternative places with live bands and exotic cocktails. 

Casablanca Soul Bar

On the edge of the volcanic caldera of Fira, you will find Casablanca Soul Bar. At Casablanca, you will taste exotic and signature cocktails, such as Tropicana, Daiquiri, Mojitos and so on. The particular club is also one of the best bar-clubs in Europe, known for its groundbreaking underground music. At this time, Casablanca Soul is one of the largest bookers of the international DJs in the Greek islands. 

Santorini Nightlife The Best Bars & Nightclubs - Kamari Tours Excursions

Enigma Club

Enigma is the oldest club in Santorini. During summer, awesome parties with famous DJs playing international and Greek music as well, are hosted by party professionals. Keep in mind that you can book the party of your preference, for instance, bachelor, VIP birthday party, etc. for the best party experience ever!

Koo Club

Would you want to listen to mainstream and house music produced by the best Dj’s? Koo Club is the best option! The bar has a relaxing outside area with 3 bars and of course an indoor space including a dance floor. The outdoor area is full of palm trees, creating a completely tropical setting for exotic summer parties. 

Town Club 

The favourite spot for students and young people! If you want to get away and dance until the late hours, the Town Club is ideal for you.

PK Cocktail Bar 

PK is a family-run cocktail bar, operated for over 40 years. What makes the specific bar stands out from the others, is its experienced team and the passion for their job. It is worth mentioning that PK offers a spectacular view of the caldera and the amazing sunset of Santorini. 

Santorini Nightlife The Best Bars & Nightclubs - PK Cocktail Bar - Kamari Tours Excursions

Tropical Bar

The Tropical bar is one of the best spots in order to admire the renowned sunset of Santorini. You can relax in the exterior area of the bar, in the cosy balcony and enjoy a refreshing cocktail when the sun is setting. Late in the evening, you can continue your night indoor, where crazy parties await you!

Tango Bar

Last but not least, at Fira, you will find the Tango Bar. Tango in Santorini is “the place where your nights become an experience for all the senses”! Built on the Caldera’s edge, the bar is considered to be the epitome of Santorini nightlife. 

Oia Clubs & Bars

Oia is a traditional village located in the north of Santorini Island. The village offers an incredible view of the rest of the island and of the caldera, making the perfect background for astonishing summer pictures. At the main street of Oia, you will find plenty of shops and galleries as well as restaurants and cafes. Stay with us, in order to explore what you can do and where to taste the best beverages and drinks during the night in Oia. 

Marykay’s Bar/ Hassapiko

If you want to live the ultimate experience of the traditional bar, featured with the white tones of the Cycladic aesthetic, Hassapiko is the best choice. Open almost 24-hours a day, it provides you with snacks and desserts from early in the morning and drinks as well as music and dancing late at night. 

Santorini Nightlife The Best Bars & Nightclubs - Oia Clubs & Bars - Kamari Tours Excursions

Fino Cocktail Bar – Restaurant

For fine dining and drinking, Fino restaurant and bar is an ideal option. The minimal design of the restaurant along with the delicious Mediterranean cuisine comprises a wonderful scene for a romantic night. Fino also can organize special events and exclusive parties upon request. 

Kamari Clubs & Bars

On the southeastern coast of Santorini, you will find Kamari. Kamari is a seaside village and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Santorini. In the village, you will find plenty of sea-side restaurants, luxury hotels and fine bars. Important to be mentioned is that, when the sun goes down, numerous tourists with cameras, flood in the bars in order to capture the unique sunset.

Prince Lounge Bar

Prince is a wonderful beach bar with great restaurant and gorgeous view. The food is really tasty and the staff truly lovely. If you desire a tranquil night out on Santorini Island Prince will definitely amaze you!

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