If you enjoy the small pleasures of life, then this experience is definitely for you! Kamari Tours gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Santorini in a more lavish way. You might want to keep the highlights of the island only for yourself or you might want to share this special trip with your group of people. Whatever the case, we assure you that this tour will stay with you forever!

Santorini is calling you! This island is the ideal destination for luxury lovers and dreamers. If you belong to one of these categories then you are in the right place! After all, Santorini is not a typical island. It is a destination of undeniable charm, where the blue and the white are combined perfectly giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘’scenic’’. Is there a more suitable way to discover the island’s secrets than a private Santorini tour? Kamari Tours offers you two V.I.P. tour options, tailor-made to your personal needs and preferences. You are only a few minutes away from this amazing experience. Just book online the V.I.P tour of your preference for a quick and stress-free reservation!

Santorini never ceases to amaze its visitors! The natural landscapes, the crystal clear waters, the sandy beaches, the hot springs, the flavorful wine, the local architecture and last but not least the world-famous romantic Santorini sunset, are some of the main elements that make Santorini such a special place to be. Kamari Tours gives you the opportunity to tour the island in an exclusive and luxurious style. If you want to visit Santorini with your group of friends or even by yourself, the 8 seat minibus service is the right choice for you. If you want to spoil yourself a little more, the luxury car rental is what you need. Both options include a number of additional, high-quality services that promise to make your trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The benefits that we offer to you are:

  • Duration

Choose the duration of the trip. It is really up to you!

  • Multiple stops

You can stop to any location you wish, any time, for as long as you wish.

  • Private driver

A private chauffeur will take you to any part of the island you desire to visit.

  • Multiple languages

Our skilful tour guides will communicate with you in both English and German.

  • Safe payment

Multiple payment methods are offered for a flexible and safe payment.

  • Customer support

In case you have complaints or you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will assist you with anything you may need!

*Additional charges may apply to the services. For each additional passenger in both packages, the price is 5 more euros. For a tour guide, the price is extra 70 euros for half a day. Please check the private tour package of your choice for more information about the extra charges.