Santorini also known as Thira, is one of the most astonishing destinations you have ever seen! The picturesque villages, the distinct Cycladic architecture, the noteworthy sites, the impressive beaches and the stunning sunsets, are some of the reasons that make Santorini Island a worth-visiting place. If you plan to visit Santorini for your summer vacation, you should definitely read the following list with our recommendations. 

Check out our guide below and discover the top things to do and must-see attractions in Santorini Island. Let the journey begin!

Hike to the Top of the Volcano 

One of the greatest attractions in Santorini is the renowned volcano. You will find it at Nea Kameni, the volcanic island which is located in the middle of Santorini Caldera. You can either hike to the top of the volcano or you can approach it by sea. Keep in mind that with a boat tour you will have the opportunity to approach the crater of the still-active volcano, to admire the incredible lava formations and the fantastic view.

Santorini Top Things to Do and Must-See Attractions - Hike to the Top of the Volcano - Kamari Tours Excursions

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Santorini Winery Tour 

If you are a wine connoisseur or you just love wines, you should definitely visit some of the best wineries of the island and of course, taste the exceptional Santorinian wine. The long tradition in wine-making thanks to the rich volcanic soil, make Santorinian wine such a popular local product. At the island, you will find several wineries, that stand out for their history and tradition in wine-making as well as for their incomparable and of high-quality wine. So to speak,  you will have the chance to taste Protected Geographical Indication (PGI Cyclades) wines, such as Vinsanto and Assyrtiko

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Explore the Ancient Site of Akrotiri 

Akrotiri is a small village, well-known for the archaeological site which was discovered in 1967. Actually, it is a prehistoric settlement where you will have the opportunity to see the ruins and get an idea on Santorinians everyday life back in 1500BC. Important to be mentioned is, how the whole city was suddenly vanished due to the severe volcanic eruption that took place during the 16th century BC. 

Santorini Top Things to Do and Must-See Attractions - Explore the Ancient Site of Akrotiri - Kamari Tours Excursions

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Swim at one of the Best Beaches of Santorini 

Next to the ancient site of Akrotiri, you will find the famous Red Beach of Santorini Island. Red Beach is considered to be an attraction of great significance thanks to the unusual geological formations and the unique landscape. Will definitely fascinate you, the steep red hills, the huge volcanic rocks and the small red pebbles. Nevertheless, Santorini has also several other remarkable and of unique aesthetic beaches. Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa are some of the best beaches that you can also explore.

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Enjoy a Caldera, Sunset and Boat Tour

Gazing at the world-famous Santorini sunset while cruising in the Caldera, is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Take the chance to sail under the Caldera, in the best spot of Santorini Island, where you will not only admire the breathtaking view of the “red” sunset, but you will also take some spectacular pictures of the impressive Volcano and the Caldera.

Santorini Top Things to Do and Must-See Attractions - Enjoy a Caldera, Sunset and Boat Tour - Kamari Tours Excursions

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Explore Santorini Traditional Villages 

Discover the Cycladic architecture, the paved alleys and the white-painted houses of Santorini traditional villages. Wander around the streets of the beautiful town of Fira and admire the charming white houses with blue windows and doors. Visit Oia, one of the most picturesque villages of Santorini where there is something new to discover at every corner. The architecture of the village with the cave houses, the spectacular view with the endless blue of the Aegean, the smooth winding paths and the blue-domed churches, justify why Oia is one of the most photographed places in Greece. 

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 Swim in the Hot Springs

Dive in the green thermal waters of the famous Hot Springs! If you are about to take a boat tour visiting the volcano, the boat trip will certainly take you also to the amazing hot springs. A really cool and unforgettable experience! 

Santorini Top Things to Do and Must-See Attractions - Swim in the Hot Springs - Kamari Tours Excursions

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Watch the Sunset in Oia 

The adorable and famous village of Oia is located at the north-west tip of Santorini, 11 km north of Fira. The village is known for its tranquil life and the fantastic sunset. Without a doubt, Oia is the most beautiful and scenic village of Santorini with incredible sunsets. The two most popular spots from where you can watch the sunset are, the Castle of Oia or next to the three Blue Domes. The first, offers a stunning view of the windmills and the whitewashed buildings, while the second one includes the view of the blue domes and the sound of the church bells. Whichever you select, it will be an unforgettable moment for you and your beloved. 

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Take a Cable Car ride from Old Port to Fira 

If you want to get from Santorini old port to Fira, you have two options, cable car or donkey ride. We recommend you to take the cable car option, as it offers amazing views to the island, besides it is a fun way. Conversely, taking a donkey, it may be dangerous and uncomfortable. 

Santorini Top Things to Do and Must-See Attractions - Take a Cable Car ride from Old Port to Fira- Kamari Tours Excursions

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Enjoy the view from Prophet Elias Monastery 

Start your day tour with the breathtaking view of the Prophet Elias Monastery! Built on the highest point of the island, it offers the most incredible panoramic view of Santorini. Do not miss to bring your camera with you, since the background with the impressive mountainous landscapes, is ideal for taking fantastic photos. 

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