Ethereal, imposing, enchanting. Those are the words that can describe perfectly the greatness of the island. Here you can find more than you have ever imagined! Visit the picture-perfect villages with sophisticated architecture. Explore the world-famous excavations sights and let them narrate the history of the island. Enjoy the awe-inspiring sunset in the edge of the caldera. Take a steaming bath into the hot springs. Savour the exquisite Santorinian wine with its impeccable taste. Our Santorini bus excursions give you the chance to explore the island from different perspectives and get to know the Santorinian mentality and lifestyle. For a hassle-free and fast reservation, you have the privilege to book the bus excursion of your preference online!

A visit to Santorini is not a simple trip, is a life-changing moment! The natural richness of the island with its spectacular geographical relief and the enchanting landscapes create a place that captivates the visitors from the very first step. Such a worth visiting location demands a well-organized and stress-free trip. Kamari Tours provides you with numerous high-quality amenities and benefits depending on the bus tour or excursion of your preference. Our services address to individuals or groups who are interested in visiting Santorini’s most renowned locations by bus.

Here you can find the benefits that we offer to you:

  • Point to point transfer

We provide you point to point transfer throughout the island in order to make your trip as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

  • Duration

The duration of each bus excursion varies from 3 to 13 hours depending on the excursion package.

  • Languages

Our skilled and knowledgeable tour guides will offer you a tour in both English and German.

  • Safe payment

We offer you the most reliable and flexible payment options for secure and fast payment.

  • Customer Support

Our customer support team will assist you with any kind of questions or complaints you may have about our tours and excursions services. Feel free to contact us.

*Additional services require extra fees. Please check the tour package of your choice in order to get informed about the extra charges.

We offer you 5 unique bus trip options, taking always in our consideration your personal need for comfort and space.  Our travel experts promise to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience.