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If you are a wine connoisseur, you need to know that Santorini wines are some of the best ones in Greece!

Santorini is an island where you will find spectacular places with breathtaking views, picturesque villages with outstanding architecture, stunning black sand beaches and, of course, exceptional locally-produced wines. Santorini wine is considered to be the best wine in Greece, primarily, due to the island’s climate, with the hot and dry summers along with the volcanic soil. 

You can enjoy a glass of wine either at a restaurant or a bar, but you also have the choice to go for a Wine Tour and visit some of the best wineries in Santorini. In fact, Santorini has some of the oldest wineries in Europe where you can taste some of the most popular indigenous varieties such as Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano. 

Santorini wine-tasting it is a must, so if you are about to book a wine tour the following list with the best wineries in Santorini will definitely help you!

Boutari Winery Santorini

Boutari vineyard is characterized as “one of the 10 architectural wine wonders of the world”! The premises of the winery will definitely amaze you! The wine-tasting room, the wine-bar restaurant and the dazzle white dome with the amphitheatre, can promise you a unique food and wine experience. You can enjoy a light lunch at the wine-bar restaurant, giving yourself the opportunity to taste some of the exceptional wines of the vineyard accompanied by traditional local dishes. 

What makes Santorini wines stand out from the other is the way that the vines are cultivated. In a nutshell, the strong winds of the Aegean Sea along with the specialized cultivation technique that is applied only in Santorini, called “Kouloura”, make Santorini vineyards so remarkable. 

Important Information

Location: Megalochori

Weekly Tours and Tastings Program: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Varieties of Boutaris Winery:

  • Santorini Boutari – Dry White Wine – 100% Assyrtiko (lower aromas of lemon tree and jasmine aromas)
  • Kallisti Boutari – Dry White Wine – 100% Assyrtiko (pear and green banana aromas)
  • Kallisti Reserve – Dry White Wine – 100% Assyrtiko (wood, hazelnut, smoke & apple, peach and lemon tree aromas)
  • Nychteri – Dry White Wine – 100% Assyrtiko (dried nuts and sherry-like aromas)
  • Selladia Boutari – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko and Aidani (complex aromas of citrus fruit, honeysuckle, peach and ripe banana with a twist of dried herbs)
  • Vinsanto Boutari 12 – 80% Assyrtiko and 20% Aidani (aromas of thyme honey, dried raisins and fig as well as coffee beans)
  • Ampeliastos – 100% Mandilaria (aromas of dried fruit, cinnamon and chocolate)
  • Kouloura Red – Dry Red Wine – 100% Mandilaria (ark red fruit as well as spicy characters from herbal leaves and dry fig aromas)
  • Kouloura Rose – Dry Roze Wine – 100% Mandilaria (aromas of rose petals, ripe cherry tomatoes, caramel and strawberry jam

Domaine Sigalas 

Domaine Sigalas is one of the most popular wineries in Santorini, while most of the wine labels have received many awards and distinctions. The facilities of the winery can offer the opportunity to every visitor to enjoy a wine tour to the natural environment of the vineyard, tasting the exceptional wines and learning everything about the pruning method, the wine-making and of course the history of the Domaine. 

Sigalas gives you also the opportunity to place your wedding, as this idyllic vineyard of Oia offers the perfect setting to enjoy your wedding reception under the colours of the stunning sunsets of Santorini. 

Important Information

Location: Baxes, Oia

Weekly Tours and Tastings Program: 12 noon, 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Varieties of Domaine Sigalas:

  • Aidani – Dry White Wine – Aidani
  • Apiliotis – Semi-sweet Red Wine –  Mandilaria
  • Assyrtiko-Athiri  – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko
  • Kavalieros – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko
  • Mavrotragano – Dry Red Wine – Mavrotragano
  • Nychteri – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko
  • Santorini – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko
  • Santorini Barrel – Dry White Wine –  Assyrtiko
  • Sigalas Mavrotragano Mandilaria – Dry Red Wine – Mavrotragano, Mandilaria
  • Vinsanto – Naturally sweet wine –  Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani
  • Ean – Rose Table Wine – Mantilaria, Mavrotragano
  • Sigalas Epta – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko 

Estate Argyros

Estate Argyros has a long tradition in wine-making and on top of that, includes some of the oldest vines on Santorini Island which are over 200 years old. Nowadays, the winery is located in a newly constructed building in order to meet the requirements and the specifications for wine production. 

Important to know is that Argyros applies the organic farming method, which involves sustainable means and above all, without the use of pesticides. In addition, the vineyards of the Estate are planted with indigenous grapes and more specifically, with Assyrtiko grapes and Santorini varieties such as Aidani and Mavrotragano. 

The Estate provides also several wine tours where you will have the chance to get to know the history of Argyros winery and to taste Estate wines accompanied by fine appetizers of Greek cheeses and other local delicacies. 

Important Information

Location: Episkopi Gonia, Thira

Varieties of Estate Argyros:

  • Estate Wines Argyros – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko – (flavours of citrus fruits, lemongrass and stone)
  • Estate Wines Argyros – Dry White Wine – Oak Fermented – (flavours of nuts, honeycomb, butter and vanilla)
  • Estate Wines Argyros – Dry Red Wine – Mavrotragano – (black fruits and spicy aromas)
  • Estate Wines Argyros – Aidani – Dry White Wine – (aromas of tropical fruits, scented herbs and flowers)
  • Vinsanto – Sweet White Wine from sundried grapes – Assyrtiko – Athiri – Aidani
  • Atlantis White – White Dry Wine –  Assyrtiko – (aromas of citrus fruits, lemon blossoms and delicate notes of exotic fruits)
  • Atlantis Rose – Rose Dry Wine – Assyrtiko, Mandilaria – (flavours of strawberries and cherries)
  • Atlantis Red – Red Dry Wine – Mandilaria, Mavrotragano – (aromas of jam and liquorice

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Koutsoyannopoulos Winery (Wine Museum)

Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum is a unique place where the visitors have the opportunity to discover the historical exhibits and become familiar with the winemaking process. What will definitely amaze all visitors, even the most demanding, is that the museum is built in a cave, eight metres below the ground. Imagine yourself to experience a wine tour in this incredible location!

There, you will also have the chance to see all the stages of the wine-making process, to taste the astonishing wines of Koutsoyannopoulos winery as well as to find out more about the history and the culture of Santorini. 

Important Information

Location: Vothonas

Weekly Tours and Tastings Program: Nov.-March 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

                                                            April-Oct. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Varieties of Koutsoyannopoulos Winery:

  • Aged White Wine – Nykteri – Assyrtiko
  • Young White Wine – Assyrtiko – Assyrtiko
  • Young White Wine – Agali 
  • Young White Wine – Lava
  • Rosé – Physalis – Assyrtiko, Mandilaria
  • Rosé – Lava – Assyrtiko, Mandilaria
  • Aged Red Wine – Ampelones – Mantilaria, Mavrathiro, Mavrotragano
  • Young Red Wine – Agali
  • Young Red Wine – Lava
  • Semi-sweet Wine – Mezzo – Assyrtiko, Mandilaria
  • Sweet – Kamaritis – Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria, Mavrotragano Mavrathiro
  • Sweet – Vinsanto – Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani
  • Sweet – Vinsanto Special 2002
  • Sweet – Vinsanto 1959

Canava Roussos 

Canava Roussos is a traditional winery and follows the typical Cycladic architecture. Established in 1836, is the oldest winery in Santorini with a long tradition in winemaking. The Canava includes a beautiful outdoor tasting area, where you can taste local appetizers together with fine wines of  Roussos winery. The rustic style of the facilities along with the romantic Cycladic background will make you feel comfortable and cosy. 

Important Information

Location: Mesa Gonia, Episkopi

Weekly Tours and Tastings Program: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Varieties of Roussos Winery:

  • Canava Roussos Santorini – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko, Aidani – (aromas of peach, pineapple and pear)
  • Canava Roussos Nykteri – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko – (aromas of honeydew melon with gentle hints of honeycomb and vanilla)
  • Canava Roussos Vinsanto – Sweet White Wine – Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani – (aromas of dried figs, plum and nuts)
  • Canava Roussos Mavrathiro – Sweet Red Wine – Mavrothiro, Mandilaria, Assyrtiko – (aromas of wild cherry, blackberry, cinnamon and clove)
  • Rivari – Rose Wine – Mandilaria – Assyrtiko
  • Nama – Red Sweet Wine – Mandilaria, Aidani, Assyrtiko, Athiri and Mavrathiro
  • Caldera – Red Dry Wine –  Mandilaria, Assyrtiko

Santo Wines 

Santo Wines is the largest winery in Santorini and it represents all the cultivators of the island, with more than 1.200 active members. The organization aims to promote all Santo products, including PDO Santorini wines, PDO Santorini tomato, PDO Santorini fava, capers as well as other local products. 

Regarding the facilities of Santo, you can see that the interior decorating and architecture are featured with modern design, while all spaces are characterized by the minimalist aesthetic.

Nowadays, the modern facilities and the advantageous position of the winery can offer you an unforgettable experience! You can enjoy a unique wine and gastronomic experience, visiting the cellars, tasting the wines and the local traditional flavours as well as informing about the winemaking tradition of Santorini. The breathtaking view of the Caldera and the background of the impressive Volcano will definitely elevate your senses!

Important Information

Location: Pyrgos Kallistis

Weekly Tours and Tastings Program: Dec.-Feb. 10 a.m – 6 p.m. 

Varieties of Santo Wines:

  • Santorini – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko
  • Santo Brut – Sparkling Wine – Assyrtiko
  • Vinsanto – Natural Sweet Wine from sun-dried grapes – Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani
  • Nama – Red Sweet Wine – Mandilaria
  • Mavrotragano – Red Dry Wine – Mavrotragano
  • Kameni – Red Dry Wine – Mandilaria
  • Crescendo – Red Dry Wine – Mavrotragano, Voudomato and Mandilaria
  • Ageri – Semi-Dry White Wine – Assyrtiκo, Athiri, Aidani
  • Ageri – Semi-Dry Rose Wine – Assyrtiko and Mandilaria
  • Kratiras – Naturally sweet red wine from sun-dried grapes – Mandilaria and Assyrtiko
  • Imiglykos – Semi-Sweet Red Wine – Mandilaria and other local red grape varieties
  • Imiglykos – Semi-Sweet White Wine – Assyrtiko and other local white varieties

Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos Winery is a renowned winery with a very long tradition in winemaking. Built right above the port of Athinios offers stunning views of the spectacular Caldera of Santorini. What makes Venetsanos differ from the other wineries is the way that is constructed, exploiting gravity for energy efficiency reasons. 

Today, Venetsanos winery is one of the most prominent wine producers in the Aegean offering great infrastructures for the wine-making. You can take a tour of the winery and taste some of their exceptional wines and become familiar with the history of Venetsanos family and the way that the wine is produced. 

The winery facilities, include also a lovely terrace where you can pleasure some wine varieties of Venetsanos accompanied with Greek plates. This romantic terrace overlooking the charming island of Santorini and the breathtaking sunset will excite you!

Important Information

Location: Caldera Megalochori

Weekly Tours and Tastings Program: April 10a.m-8p.m., May-Oct. 10a.m.-9p.m., Nov.-March 10a.m. – 5 p.m.

Varieties of Venetsanos Winery: 

  • Santorini Venetsanos – White Dry Wine – Assyrtiko – (aromas of pear, white flowers and citrus fruits)
  • Nykteri Venetsanos – White Dry Wine –  Assyrtiko – ( aromas of citrus jam and mastic that co-exist harmoniously with herbal aromas of thyme, sage and mineral hints)
  • Mandilaria Venetsanos – Red Dry Wine – Mandilaria – (aromas of jammy strawberry, fig and sour cherry, fragrant roses, carnation flowers and vanilla)
  • Anagallis – Rose Semi-dry Wine – Mandilaria – Aidani – Assyrtiko – (pomegranate aromas, with distinct hints of rose and wild strawberry and cherry)
  • Liastos – Red Wine, naturally sweet, from sun-dried grapes – Mandilaria – (aromas of raisin, cinnamon and chocolate)

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