Santorini is a paradise on earth, especially for those who seek a romantic destination, in order to spend their vacations with their loved ones. The picturesque blue domed churches, the breath-taking cliffs of the volcanic caldera and the azure Aegean sea create the absolutely perfect backdrop for your romantic Santorini vacation. In this post you are going to discover the absolutely best things to do in Santorini if you are a couple, to have the time of your life.  

Watch the beautiful and romantic Santorini Sunset 

Oia sunset

Watching the famous Santorini sunset is one of the best things to do as a couple in Santorini. The most famous spot to watch the sunset in Santorini is Oia. Oia is a small picturesque village located on the Caldera cliffs, offering a breathtaking view as the sun sets into the blue Aegean sea and its last light caresses the whitewashed traditional houses of the settlement. Oia sunset is one of the most photographed sceneries on earth, as every year tourists from all over the world visit Oia village in order to watch the amazing dance of colors during this magical time of the day! 

Akrotiri lighthouse sunset

If you want to enjoy a more private experience, you can visit the amazing Akrotiri lighthouse. This is also a perfect spot to watch the sunset in Santorini. In fact, it is the most famous spot among locals and tourists, who seek a more tranquil and secluded place to watch the sunset. 

Enjoy Santorini sunset on a boat tour

However, one of the most romantic ways to experience Santorini sunset as a couple is to take on a boat tour in order to explore a whole different perspective of Santorini, under the colorful light of the setting sun, sipping the drink of your choice and enjoying the amazing view along with the famous Cycladic summer breeze.

Things to do in Santorini for couples- sunset-Kamari excursions

Take on a Santorini wine tour

Taking on a wine tour is one of the most amazing things to do as a couple in Santorini. You see, a wine tour in Santorini is an educational, yet thrilling experience, that will offer you amazing couple memories, that you will cherish forever. Santorini has a rich history in viticulture and wine production that dates back to prehistoric times.

Participating in a wine excursion in Santorini, will give you the chance to explore the wine history of the island through amazing guided tours and take part in exquisite wine tastings. In a wine tasting you can try some of the most famous wines of Santorini and combine them harmonically with local delicacies, enjoying a holistic culinary experience.  

Things to do in Santorini for couples- sunset-Kamari excursions

Visit the famous Santorini beaches

Santorini is a place that combines all kinds of natural beauties. Taking one look on its magnificent beaches, is an easy way to understand that. Because of the volcanic nature of the island its beaches are very versatile. Some of them are really long and have fine black sand, while others resemble lunar landscapes!

Black sand beaches 

  • Perissa beach

If you want to enjoy the crystal clear Aegean waters in combination with all the amenities offered in an organized beach, such as umbrellas, comfortable sun beds, drinks and snacks you should probably visit the famous Perissa black sand beach, which is a vast fully organized beach, with many beach bars, where you can enjoy your cocktail enjoying dancing music. Near Perissa beach, there are also two other famous and cosmopolitan black sand beaches, Kamari and Perivolos beach.

  • Perivolos beach 

Perivolos beach is an amazing place for couples, located just 3 km away from Perissa beach, near the village Agios Georgios. Visiting Perivolos beach, you will find both great restaurants and beach bars, but also peaceful and romantic spots.

  • Kamari beach 

Kamari beach is 5 km long black sand beach, which has turquoise waters and lush vegetation near it. Although Kamari beach is fully organized and usually crowded, it is extremely clean and it has been awarded with a blue flag.

Red beach 

Red beach is located in the south part of Santorini near Akrotiri excavations. It is a semi-organized beach with no beach bars and restaurants, just a few umbrellas. Once you set foot on the red beach, it is only sure that its natural beauty and the vibrant red color of its imposing rocks will amaze you!

Vlychada beach

Vlychada is a nice, organized beach on the southern side of Santorini. It is also a unique landscape as its amazing geological formations make it seem like it belongs to another world!

hings to do in Santorini for couples- Santorini beaches-Kamari excursions

Make a romantic road trip in Santorini

It is true that there is nothing more romantic than a road trip in Santorini! Rent the vehicle of your choice in Santorini and explore this beautiful island with your soulmate.

Things to do in Santorini for couples- romantic road trip-Kamari excursions

Those were the absolutely best things to do in Santorini if you are a couple! We hope we gave you some pretty good ideas in order to delve into the romantic essence of this majestic island!