Venetsanos Winery is one of the most prominent among other wineries and one of the oldest in Santorini Island. It is located at Megalochori village, one of the most picturesque villages on the island, overlooking the breathtaking caldera. Its very long tradition in winemaking, as well as its unique environment, has made Venetsanos a must-visit place. The winery was first designed and built in 1947 by George Venetsanos, who was passionate about chemistry and managed to specialize in oenology. What is of great importance is that the winery is available for touring, since it has recently been renovated offering visitors the chance to explore its great historical background along with the exceptional premises as well.

The Winery

So to speak, you can visit Venetsanos Winery and discover its innovative and groundbreaking architecture. The winery is located just above the port of Athinios constructed on the side of the cliff. Due to the geography of the region and the steep slope, the winery had to be built in a very specific way, considering its rough ground. Thus, the construction initiated from the top and continued downwards, designed in four different levels. This part of the winery refers to the museum, where you will have the opportunity to travel back in time as well as see the process of winemaking in person.

Venetsanos Winery A unique winemaking experience - The Winery - Kamari Tours Excursions

You can start your tour from the first level, where you will see the containers with a variety of grapes. Moving to the second level, you will see the destemming process and the generator as well as some personal belongings of the inventor and some family photos. Regarding the third level, it includes the pressing machines and the fermentation process. Apart from that, this level is where you will have the opportunity to test the local wines, in the beautiful terrace of Venetsanos Winery. Last but not least, on the fourth level, which is the lower level of the winery, you will come across with the fermentation vats, in an impressive and remarkable tunnel. Do not forget that during the whole tour throughout the winery you will feel the inclination of the floor. It will surely be an unforgettable experience!

Venetsanos Wines

After describing the experience of the wine production and getting a light sense of the winery facilities, it is high time we started talking about the different varieties of Venetsanos Santorini wines. Santorini Island outstands as one of the most noticeable Protected Destination of Origin in Greece (PDO Santorini). Not only its long winemaking tradition but also the volcanic soil and the climate, have made Santorinian wine so reputable and of high quality. It is worth mentioning that Assyrtiko Santorini wine is very rare since it is produced from unique indigenous grape varieties.

At Venetsanos Winery you can find some of the most tasteful and distinctive Assyrtiko wines such as Santorini Venetsanos and Nykteri Venetsanos. Both are dry white wines, 100% Assyrtiko, but they differ in the fermentation process. Nykteri has elegant aromas of lime and magnolias flowers, while the presence of the French barrels gives a sense of vanilla. Ideally, it can be combined with oily fish, pasta with rich creamy sauces, ripe yellow cheese varieties and smoked eggplant dip. On the other hand, Santorini wine is produced by a single vineyard wine named “Giannas”. It has delicate and complex aromas of pear, white flowers and citrus fruits. Mostly, it can be combined with seafood, grilled vegetables, fish, pasta and fresh or salty cheeses.

Venetsanos Winery A unique winemaking experience - Venetsanos Wines - Kamari Tours Excursions

For red wine lovers, Mandilaria is the best choice. With deep red colour and jammy strawberry, fig and sour cherry, fragrant roses, carnation flowers and vanilla aromas, it can be perfectly matched with pork, spicy cheeses and prosciutto. If you prefer a more refreshing type of wine choose Anagallis, which is a Rose, semi-dry wine. Last but not least at all comes Liastos, which is mainly a dessert wine, perfectly combined with apple and chocolate soufflé or with dry figs. For those who are aware of Santorini wines, Liastos is like the famous Vinsanto. Both Liastos and Anagalis have Protected Geographical Indication (PGI Cyclades).

Βook now your summer vacation in Santorini and further explore its local wines as well as its distinguished wineries!

Sunset Terrace

Visiting Venetsanos Winery is a unique experience since it gives you the chance to tour around the winery and taste its wines and local flavours. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to connect with the past and the history of Venetsanos family as well. There are also other things to do at Venetsanos Winery. After completing the tour at the museum as well as at the premises of the winery, now is the time for the wine-tasting to take place. As mentioned before, there is a lovely terrace outside of the winery on the third level. At this beautiful terrace, you will have the opportunity to taste the awarded wine varieties of Venetsanos Winery accompanied by the incredible view of the caldera.

Venetsanos Winery A unique winemaking experience - Sunset Terrace - Kamari Tours Excursions

This romantic and idyllic scenery is the best place to pleasure Greek plates and local flavours combining with exceptional wines. Do not miss the chance to taste some of the most extraordinary plates such as smoked eel, cheese platter, greek salads and local nibbles combined with the awarded and famous Assyrtiko wine. Not only the unique sunset but also the charming view of Santorini Island and the superb hospitality will excite you!

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