Santorini is an amazing island having a global reputation as people from all over the world visit it every year, in order to admire its breathtaking volcanic landscapes, its colorful sunset and of course the azure Aegean sea.Although, Santorini is mostly known as a wedding or honeymoon destination, as many couples choose either to marry or spend their honeymoon in this majestic island, it is also a great destination for children to spend their summer Vacation! Do you want to find out why? Let’s start by counting the reasons Santorini would absolutely amaze your kids!


  1. They can enjoy swimming, as Santorini has many beaches which would be an ideal option for small kids, comprising sand and having crystal clear shallow waters!
  2.  They can enjoy exciting excursions in Santorini, as on the island there are a lot of picturesque villages that would be perfect for little explorers.
  3. Santorini has many luxurious hotels, offering a great amount of amenities and activities for children 
  4. In Santorini, you will find many historical sights! Visiting them could be a great educational experience for kids and adults as well!
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Things to know if you visit Santorini with your kids 

  • You have to make an early reservation

You have to book your hotel quite early in the year, as Santorini is one of the most popular summer destinations around the globe! That means that the island can be really crowded during the summer months, making it hard to find a room! The things become even more difficult when it comes to family reservations that include two or more rooms.

  • You need to be prepared for the heat  

 Santorini is a great destination in order to experience Greek summer! As you probably know, Greek summer can be boiling, especially in the heart of the high season. Due to this, if you have really young kids, you should probably choose to visit Santorini early in the summer or in September!

If you have kids, the most comfortable and hassle-free way of transportation all around the island is by car! That means you can visit any Santorini destination, at any time you wish, adjusting your program according to the needs of your children!

Santorini with kids-Things to know-Kamari Tours Excursions

Activities to do in Santorini with your kids

Hit the Santorini beaches 

In Santorini, you will find a lot of well-organized beaches with many amenities and also lifeguarding, making them the perfect options for children to swim and play. As we said before summer in Santorini can be really hot! Because of that we recommend you to visit the beautiful beaches of Santorini quite early in the morning and also use sunscreen! Some of the best organized beaches, you can visit with your kids are Perissa beach and Perivolos beach! There you can have all kind of amenities, such as sunbeds and umbrellas. Furthermore, you can get food and drink at any time you want, as there are many beach bars and cafeterias next to them!

Furthermore, you should definitely visit the famous red beach with your kids if you don’t mind getting in advance all the things that you are going to need, as the beach is semi-organized! It is absolutely sure that visiting the red beach would be a wonderful family experience as you can enjoy snorkeling and playing with the amazing volcanic red sand of the beach!

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Explore Santorini history with your kids

Santorini besides being a destination of extreme beauty it is also a place of great history! Santorini has been inhabited since prehistoric times! The settlement of Akrotiri was one of the greatest trade centers of the Minoan civilization! The thriving life in Akrotiri Settlement stopped abruptly because of the great volcanic eruption that took place in 1.500 BC. However Santorini was once again inhabited around 1100 BC by the Lacedaemonians and in 825 BC, the residents of the island gave it the name Thera. In Santorini,i there are many sights that you could visit in order to discover its enchanting past. Here are the top 3 sights that you should definitely visit with your kids!

Prehistoric Museum of Thera

The prehistoric museum of Thera is located in the capital of the island, Fira! The Prehistoric museum is an excellent destination in order to unravel Santorini history starting from its beginning! In it you can find a great range of prehistoric exhibits coming from various excavations, but mostly from the Akrotiri excavation.

Akrotiri excavation

If you want to discover even more about the prehistoric life in Santorini, you should definitely visit the ancient Akrotiri excavation itself! There, you will have the chance to admire the sophisticated drainage system of the settlement and also its impressive multi-storey buildings that were decorated with colorful wall-paintings!

Archaeological museum of Fira 

Last but not least, another place that you should definitely visit with your kids in Santorini, is the archaeological museum in the capital which displays Minoan, Hellenistic, but also Byzantine exhibits, demonstrating the history of about 2500 years!

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In this article, we displayed only a few of the amazing things you can do in Santorini with your kids! Kamari Tours Excursions can offer you the most amazing tours in Santorini, so that you and your kids can have the time of your life at the most wonderful summer destination!